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This week's Surrey Advertiser printed an article about me. Not many complaints, it's a nice article. You can read it on the 'News' page of this website.

Though it's a lesson in how carefully you have to word press interviews. For instance, I told the reporter that Noontide Owls was a crossover book (Adult and Young Adult) therefore would have wider appeal than adult fiction. He chose to link this comment to something else I said - 'The book is really different from the others.'

So it came out as 'The book is really different from the others.It's building momentum and I think it will have a wider appeal.'

Which makes it sound as if the others don't have a wide appeal. THAT'S NOT WHAT I SAID!!!!!

Just one other small correction: I'm not  a historian. Don't know where that one came from. Possibly, when I told the reporter about my art history persona, he forgot about the 'art' bit.


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