Noontide Owls Launch Day!!

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And a good time was had by all! Even the weather smiled on us and some guests managed to enjoy the sunshine in my garden. The first guests arrived before midday and the last ones left at 9.30 this evening. Now the fun stops and hard work begins; marketing the book! How great it would be to be able to sit back and watch it take off as if by magic... Or have someone else do all the hard graft. But these days being an author also means  promoting your own book. Not something that comes naturally to many of us. After all, authors are frequently people who hide behind their work and are not natural self-promoters. So do me a favour, take some of this onerous task off me  -- if you like my books, please spread the word.  


'The Coven' (as my daughter calls us)... Jennifer, Irene and Jackie - the 'Goldenford Girls'.


Why do I always manage to look like a frightened chicken?

Launch 2



...and family.

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